Instructions on how to use the order file

The order file is an amazing way to enter bulk orders of content. Download the Excel file, edit it, save and upload it. 

Columns in the order file

Title – Title of the article. Can also be used as a topic, and instruct writers to use their own title. Can be written in English or in a target language.

Min Words – Minimum amounts of words the article should have. For example if you want an article of at least 500 words, put the number 500 here. 

Quality – SQ for “Standard quality” and BQ for “Business quality”. 

Title and Meta Description – Write Yes or No depending on if you want the writer to add Title and Meta Description or not. 

Focus Keyword -The keywords of the text. Add the keywords that you want your page to rank for. Separate them with comma. The first keyword will be set at Focus Keyword 1 and the article will be optimised for that keyword. The following keywords should be treated as long tail keywords. 

Specific Instructions – Information relevant to a writer to write a good article. For example: “Write an article about the benefits of organic vegetables. Mention the why GMO’s are bad and why you should cook your own food. Use an informal tone of voice and be objective.” The better instructions you write the better articles you will receive from the writers. 

For Site (URL) – Enter the URL of your Cloudrock site you want the article published on. 

Anchor Texts– If you want links in the text, add the anchor texts you want in this column. Separate them with comma (if several links). 

Links – If you want links in the text, add the URLs in this column. Separate them with comma (if several links).

Publication Date – The date that you want an article will be published. When an article comes to the TODO section you need to review it. It will not be published automatically.